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Impressionism and related trends

Impressionism and related trends Camille COROT, Ville d'Avray, 1835-40 Gustave COURBET, Deer Running in the Snow, c.1856-57 Claude MONET, Twilight, Venice, c. 1908 Edouard MANET, Self-Portrait, 1878-79 Pierre-Auguste RENOIR, Mlle Georgette Charpentier Seated, 1876 Gustave CAILLEBOTTE, Young Man Playing the Piano, 1876

From Post-Impressionism to 20th century art

From Post-Impressionism to 20th century art Paul CEZANNE, Mont Sainte-Victoire and Château Noir, c. 1904-06 Vincent van GOGH, Windmills on Montmartre, 1886 Paul GAUGUIN, Hay, 1889 Henri MATISSE, Woman with Blue Bodice, 1935 Pablo PICASSO, Saltimbanque Seated with Arms Crossed, 1923 Paul KLEE, Island, 1932

Postwar Art

Postwar Art Jackson POLLOCK, Number 2, 1951, 1951 Jean FAUTRIER, Head of Hostage, 1945 DOMOTO Hisao, Solution of Continuities No.9,1964 ZAO Wou-Ki, 07.06.85, 1985

Modern European Sculpture

Modern European Sculpture Auguste RODIN, The Thinker, c.1902 Constantin BRANCUSI, The Kiss, 1907-10 Emile-Antoine BOURDELLE, Penelope, 1909 Ossip ZADKINE, Mother and Child, 1919 Alexander ARCHIPENKO, The Gondolier, 1914