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Chinese-Style Dresses - From Fujishima Takeji to Umehara Ryuzaburo

April 26 (Sat) - July 21 (Mon), 2014

Chinese-Style Dresses - From Fujishima Takeji to Umehara Ryuzaburo

This exhibition brings together oil paintings of women dressed in qipao or other styles of Chinese clothing by Japanese Western-style painters in the early 20th century. In the context of the fall of the Qing dynasty, the birth of the Republic of China, the rise of tourism, and growing interest in Chinese culture and architecture in Japan, paintings depicting Chinese women began to appear in the decade starting in 1910. Fujishima Takeji, Kishida Ryusei, and Yasui Sotaro were among the Japanese artists who depicted Japanese women in Chinese dress. Kojima Torajiro, Migishi Kotaro, and others visited China and found their subjects there. Japanese artists’ use of Western techniques to depict Chinese dress is a classic example of culture contact and cultural fusion.

FUJISHIMA Takeji, Profile of a Woman, 1927, Pola Collection


The Bridgestone Museum of Art, Ishibashi Foundation, which opened 1952, houses a collection that now includes more than 1,800 works of art. Mainly focused on nineteenth-century, and the collection includes ancient, twentieth-century, and modern Japanese Western-style art. Originally,the core of the collection was French art form the latter half of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries. Having celebrated its 60th year in operation, in the twenty-first century the museum has expanded its scope to include art form the latter half of twentieth century on and art from elsewhere than France, to mount exhibitions in tune with the times in which we live. Access online to a selection of the Bridgestone Museum's collection.

Postwar Abstract Paintings in France and Art Informel

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